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Does My Body Offend You?


A timely story of two teenagers who discover the power of friendship, feminism, and standing up for what you believe in, no matter where you come from. A collaboration between two gifted authors writing from alternating perspectives, this compelling novel shines with authenticity, courage, and humor.

Malena Rosario is starting to believe that catastrophes come in threes. First, Hurricane María destroyed her home, taking her unbreakable spirit with it. Second, she and her mother are now stuck in Florida, which is nothing like her beloved Puerto Rico. And third, when she goes to school bra-less after a bad sunburn and is humiliated by the school administration into covering up, she feels like she has no choice but to comply.
Ruby McAllister has a reputation as her school’s outspoken feminist rebel. But back in Seattle, she lived under her sister’s shadow. Now her sister is teaching in underprivileged communities, and she’s in a Florida high school, unsure of what to do with her future, or if she’s even capable making a difference in the world. So when Ruby notices the new girl is being forced to cover up her chest, she is not willing to keep quiet about it.
Neither Malena nor Ruby expected to be the leaders of the school’s dress code rebellion. But the girls will have to face their own insecurities, biases, and privileges, and the ups and downs in their newfound friendship, if they want to stand up for their ideals and––ultimately—for themselves.


Marie and co-author Mayra Cuevas

Mayra Cuevas and Marie Marquardt's DOES MY BODY OFFEND YOU? is a fantastic and necessary novel that is written with a unique mix of compassion and fire, always challenging us to think about how to create a better world while never forgetting to exhibit empathy for everyone involved in the messy process of creating change. And most importantly, it's full of humor and heart.

―Abdi Nazemian, author of Stonewall Honor book Like a Love Story

Mayra Cuevas and Marie Marquardt bravely remind us that women's bodies--no matter the shape or size--are not to be policed. Feminist at its core, DOES MY BODY OFFEND YOU? will inspire readers to find their voice and spark a revolution.

―Tami Charles, New York Times bestselling author

A “heartwarming story about activism and allyship, learning when to speak up and when to listen”

Kirkus Reviews

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