2018 was a Year to Read For Change!

In 2018, I spent twelve months Reading for Change. 

Throughout 2017, I traveled around the United States talking with students, librarians, teachers, and other YA and MG authors. And, wow.

From Bowling Green, Kentucky to Santa Monica, California; from Tappan Zee, New York to San Antonio, Texas, I heard the same inspiring message: Now, more than ever, readers want books that give us all the feels and open our eyes, hearts, and minds to important social issues. And now, more than ever, authors are stepping forward to give us those stories.

So many young readers seek novels that offer new ways of looking at the world, challenge them to ask tough questions, and motivate them to take action. And YA and MG authors share their passion.  That’s why I decided to dedicate 2018 to building connections between readers and authors, with the goal of inspiring action for social change.

One Year, Twelve YA & MG Books of Cause

Throughout 2018, I partnered withTeen Librarian Toolbox to find and share the best-of-the-best YA & MG books that bring attention to important issues and causes, connecting readers with the incredible people who write them. I called the initiative #ReadForChange.

On the 20th of each month in 2018, #ReadForChange introduced readers to a book of cause, and each month the theme was new. I featured a YA or Middle Grade novel that’s an awesome read and also a great window into a social issue that matters now. Whatever the theme for the month, I also linked readers to groups and movements that are taking action. So, after being inspired by the story, readers can find good information and get involved. I spent the year working hard to connect readers with organizations and movements led by teens, since we all know that teens are doing amazing things to change the world!

I also brought authors into the conversation — such an amazing expereince!

Check out the School Library Journal archives to hear from featured authors why they want to make change, what they’re doing about it, and what they hope you’ll do.  

A year of incredible stories by inspiring authors!

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