Introducing #ReadForChange!

One Year, Twelve YA & MG Books of Cause

 As I have traveled around the country talking with students, librarians, teachers, and YA readers, I’ve learned something incredible: These days, so many readers want books that give them all the feels and open their eyes, hearts, and minds to important social issues. As readers, we love stories that offer new ways of looking at our world, challenge us to ask tough questions, and inspire us to take action.

I’ve decided to dedicate 2018 to finding and sharing the best-of-the-best YA & MG books that bring attention to important issues and causes, and that connect readers with the amazing authors who write them. #ReadForChange launches in January 2018, and I’d love for you to join the movement. All you have to do is sign up!

Every month, in my #ReadForChange newsletter…

  • I’ll introduce you to a book of cause that I love, and each month the theme will be new. You’ll get my top recommendation for a YA or Middle Grade novel that’s an awesome read and also a great window to social causes that matter now.
  • Whatever the theme for the month — Girlpower, Immigration, Black Lives Matter, Environment, Healthcare, etc. – I’ll also link you to groups and movements that are taking action, so you can learn more and get involved. I’ll work hard to connect readers with organizations led by teens, because we all know that teens are doing amazing things to change our world!
  • Just in case that’s not enough awesome for you, I’ll bring authors into the conversation. In interviews and videos, you’ll hear from featured authors about why they want to make change in the world, what they’re doing about it, and what they hope you’ll do.
  • AND, I’ll buy the book for you! (Okay, well, I’ll buy it for one of you.) Each month, you’ll have a chance to enter a giveaway for the month’s YA Book of Cause, signed by the author!

Get ready to connect to a year of incredible stories!